Whit-Tex, Inc. (Whitfield Natural Textiles),  is a floor covering manufacturer nestled in the foothills of the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains in north Georgia.   

Whit-Tex, Inc., is committed to making 100% all-natural wool carpets, area rugs and padding for both residential home and commercial office applications.  Our goal is to improve the indoor air quality while protecting our precious  environment by using all-natural and sustainable raw materials in the manufacturing of our products. 

Our 100% natural wool styles are offered in four natural colorations that only Mother Nature can produce.   The unique and beautiful imperfections and color tones vary from product to product due to the wonders of this natural element.   

NO chemicals such as dyes, fire retardants, moth proofing or stain treatments are used so as to ensure the healthiest carpet available for your home or office.  Furthering our commitment for a safe and healthy environment, we offer all-natural wool padding and rug holds.  



UK sheep farms are small, having on average approximately 350 sheep.  UK sheep are raised naturally outdoors on pasture.  As a result, the scale and method of UK lamb production is such that it is not considered an ‘intensive’ farming activity by animal welfare campaigning bodies.

Sheep are required to be shorn of their wool once a year for their own comfort and health.  Hence, wool is a naturally occurring by-product.  Every year British Wool puts over a thousand people in all parts of the UK through  two day shearing training courses that are tailored to their existing level of experience and skill.  It goes without saying that shearing in accordance with best industry standards ensures that the process is stress free for the animal (as well as maximizing the value of producers’ wool).